Alchemist Hospital
  • Our hospital policy allows one attendant per bed for General ward and Twin room. 2 attendants for Private room, Deluxe room and Suite.
  • Wheelchairs are available to visitors on request.
  • Visitors should not attend if they are suffering from any infection.Visitors must sit on the chairs provided and not on the patients beds.
  • They may be asked to temporarily leave the ward for a ward round or for treatment to take place.

Visiting Hours:

  • ICUs Timings : 11.00-12.00 pm ,5.00-6.00 pm
  • Ward Timings : 11.00-12.00 pm, 5.00-7.00 pm

Important Instructions:

  • No eatables/flowers/pets are allowed inside the hospital.
  • Children below 12yrs are not allowed in patient care areas.
  • No attendant/ visitors are allowed without visitor/attendant card.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed in patient care areas.
  • Visitors need to wear gowns in critical care areas.

We provide passes to visitors and attendants, the colors are as follows:

White color: Attendant Card (one who can stay over with the patient to attend to their needs)

Pink Color: Visitor Card (one who visits only during the visiting hours and does not stay over in the hospital)

Blue Color: ICU Card

Yellow Color: Temporary Card (this card is issued in case of emergency. It is valid up to 24 hours.)

The visitor / attendant is expected to display the cards issued to them, while in the hospital.

These cards are issued from the Cash/Admission counter at the time of admission of the patient. When patient is shifted from ICU to ward then the ICU card should be returned at the same counter and a new card will be issued. All the cards need to be returned before the discharge.