Patient Guide



If you are visiting Alchemist Hospital for the first time, you need to register. You will be issued an M.R number and a hospital record file.




A comprehensive range of facilities ensures that all the expertise necessary for your well-being is made available. Please Note:


  • Patients availing credit facility have to provide an authorization / credit letter from the company at the time of admission with Government approved photo id / employee photo id.
  • TPA patients should have Health Card / Policy number and photo ID card at the time of admission.
  • A cot or a couch will be provided in your room to facilitate the stay of your attendant.
  • For children under 5 years two attendants will be allowed.
  • When a patient is shifted to CTVS ICU/ SICU / CCU/ MICU / NICU, the attendants need to vacate the room and avail the services of the waiting lounge which is located on the ground floor.


Consultant’s Visit


The Consultants would visit the patient twice in a day: morning and evening and would be available as per the information given by the Nursing Station.


For any information on your medical investigations and treatment, your length of the stay and advance estimation of the medical expenses, please discuss with your consultant under whom you have been admitted.


Nursing Care


Nurses perhaps are the best friend of a patient. During your stay here you would find that the care and concern exhibited by them are unparalleled and remarkable.


  • Our nurses are dressed in Blue Coat and White Trousers.
  • In ICUs the Nurse to Patient Ratio is 1:1.
  • In IPD Wards, the Nurse to Patient ratio is 1:4.


Nursing Activity


  • The Nurse would check, prepare and apply ID band.
  • They would timely obtain vital signs and record on chart.
  • It is their duty to administer the drugs prescribed on the new prescription chart.
  • The Nurse will accompany patient and relatives to the assigned room. She will place patient comfortably on bed and raise side rails if necessary.
  • In the rooms Call Bell facility is given, which is to be used in case of any emergency.
  • The Nurse would check your admission record form for completeness.
  • Attending to the patients personal hygiene as well as changing of the prescribed hospital clothes would also be seen by them.
  • They would orient patient to the ward set up and routine and explain the call system, phone, TV, visiting regulations and smoking restriction etc.




The Dietician visits the patient twice in a day and as and when required.


Meal Serving


  • Bed Tea
  • Breakfast
  • Mid-Morning Service
  • Lunch
  • Evening Tea & Snacks
  • Dinner
  • Bed Time Milk


Food and Beverages required for the patient apart from above services would be charged extra.


Note:-Relatives and friends of patients are welcome to use the cafe located on the Ground Floor, and canteen (for meals) located on the 3rd floor.




The Hospital Pharmacy has all the drugs available which are prescribed by the doctors.




The patient’s dress and the linen would be changed in the morning before 0800hrs daily. In case a patient requires something else, the need would be met as soon as possible.


House Keeping


Housekeeping services would be provided to all occupied patient rooms:

  • Morning
  • Evening


On-call services as and when required.




The Consultants would inform the Resident Medical Officer / Nursing Supervisor a day prior to your discharge.

  • For Cash patients: 3 – 4 hours
  • TPA / Corporate: 6 – 8 hours


The estimate of your provisional bills is updated with us on a daily basis and would be available whenever you require.


Feedback and Suggestions


We strongly look forward to your valuable comments and suggestions through our Feedback Forms.