Emergency Care

Critical Care

The hospital has facilities of Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU), High Dependency Unit (HDU), Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgery (CTVS) ICU, Coronary Care Unit (CCU) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The critical areas are under the care of critical care team which has highly qualified and experienced intensivists and specialists. The critical units are equipped with advanced medical equipments viz. Ventilators, Monitors, Central Monitoring Station (CMS), ABG Machine, Echocardiography, and Portable Ultrasound and X-ray Machines. The team has expertise in pain management

Operation Theatres

Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula has technologically advanced four states of the art modular operation theatres catering to all surgical specialties and super specialties like Cardiothoracic, Neuro, Joint Replacement, Renal Transplant, Bariatric, etc.


All operation Theatres meet NABH standards having:-


– Laminar Flow with HEPA Filters
– Positive pressure with dedicated air handling units to match the air exchanges, suitable air-conditioning
– Advanced infrastructure with equipment to perform minimally invasive surgeries
– Innovative LED Lights
– C-Arm Image intensifier
– Advanced Anaesthesia Workstations
– Central Suction and medical gases supply

Smooth and highly efficient, stream-lined working of operation theatres is managed by a team of five anaesthesiologists:-

Dr. Akaljot Kaur
MD Anaesthesiology
Sr. Consultant & HOD Anaesthesiology

Dr. Shailesh Ojha
MD Anaesthesiology
Cardiac Anaesthesiologist

Dr. Shilpa Chauhan
MD Anaesthesiology
Sr. Consultant Anaesthesiologist

Dr. Nitin Ahuja
MD Anaesthesiology
Consultant Anaesthesiologist

Dr. Geetika Bansal
MD Anaesthesiology
Consultant Anaesthesiologist

Lab Medicine

Alchemist Lab is a first private lab in Panchkula to be accredited by NABL which is a constituent board of Quality Council of India. Our Clinical Pathology Lab is designed to handle large volumes of samples efficiently and effectively, allowing for delivery of high-quality rapid services thus maintaining the highest patients’ satisfaction level. We have a splendid team of pathologists, microbiologists, lab supervisor, Quality experts, phlebotomists and scientific officers headed by Dr Vineeta (Luthra) Sood.


We are equipped with fully automated state-of-art technology and infrastructure to achieve the highest level of excellence and quality results with extended sample collection time (24×7)


At Alchemist Lab, we are at the forefront of diagnostic technology, servicing emergency and critical tertiary care needs of Super Speciality hospitals and multiple primary care healthcare providers and Doctors. The laboratory benefits directly by catering to the patient with complex or rare cases and in interpreting unusual results.

It is emphasized that behind every sample and report there is a person who has reposed their trust in us for their diagnosis and treatment. Each and every patient is given personalized care by our team of doctors and all records along with the trends are maintained with us. The doctors & patients are informed immediately in case of alert/critical reports or an abnormal change in the trends.


There is excellent communication among the staff, patients and doctors we serve. Regular feedback is taken from patients and doctors & active remedial measures are taken.


Under the supervision of Pathologists, Microbiologists and Quality experts, the lab follows a very stringent and strict quality control system. Every procedure and instrument is only run daily after the system has been validated by internal quality control checks using the set protocols ,only then the sample are run. The laboratory participates in External Quality /Proficiency testing programs (National as well as International) from the nodal institute of repute, in order to provide accurate and reliable test reports.


Our Lab aims to empower treating physicians with accurate insights into the test reports for the right diagnosis and treatment. We believe that every test report must be accurate to aid in the correct treatment and early recovery of patients.

Imaging / Radiology

The Department of Radiology is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment for routine as well as specialized radiological procedures. All routine X-rays are digital and special procedures like hysterosalpingogram, barium studies and other contrast studies are performed on a remote controlled digital fluoroscopy machine. CT Angiography -The 64 slice DUAL- SOURCE CT Scan detects the blockages in the vessels of your heart (Coronary Arteries) in minimal time. It takes only 7 seconds to take high quality coloured pictures, which show the fatty deposits in the coronary arteries of a beating heart.

Blood Bank

The Alchemist Hospitals Ltd. is a centre of excellence in this modern healthcare system that offers efficient, safe and reliable blood transfusion services. Ours is a hospital based licensed blood bank that started in August 2008- as a Whole Blood Collection Centre. Later on, it added with the facility Apheresis Procedures in 2010, 100 percent Component Preparation in 2014, and Automated Component Preparation along with universal Leucodepletion in 2016


This State-of-art blood bank facility has been established by Dr G.P.Saluja who is a Retired Civil Surgeon from Health Department Haryana and is renowned blood bank expert. He is a nominated Expert by Govt. of India for joint inspection for grant/renewal of license for Blood Banks and had been part of joint inspection team for grant/renewal of license for Blood Banks in Haryana and Chandigarh. He did his Post graduation(M.D) in Pathology from MDU Rohtak followed by a fellowship of six months in “Blood Bank technology” from Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service (NIBTS), Belfast (UK) under T.C.T.P. Colombo plan from March 1991 to Sept. 1991, WHO fellowship in “Laboratory methods for HIV & S.T. Diseases” in Community Health Surveillance & Laboratories Administration, Baltimore U.S.A. from 6th April 1992 to 1st May 1992 and JICA fellowship in “Country Focused Programme on HIV/AIDS” in Osaka ,Japan in Oct 2000.

The blood bank is implementing quality processes, management of donor lab (Pre-donation screening, phlebotomy and post donation care), Apheresis lab (Donor apheresis procedures), Component lab (Separation & Usage of all components like red cells, FFP, Platelets etc), Transfusion Transmitted Infections Testing lab (Testing of TTI like HIV, HBV, HCV etc by EIA, Chemiluminescence and rapid assays), Immunohem tology and Compatibility Lab (Grouping, cross matching by Column agglutination technique and special tests like AHG (direct and indirect), Antibody titration etc.


Platelet apheresis is also done with the help of COM.TEC & TRIMA ACCEL blood cell separator for dengue and other patients requiring platelets. The blood bank is participating in the blood bank external quality assessment scheme (BEQAS) recognized by NABH quality council of India and Haemovigilance programme of Government of India.


Good Manufacturing practices (GMP) are followed at all steps of donor’s selection & screening, phlebotomy, serological blood processing and preparation of blood component.


Two ambulances, outfitted with advanced life saving equipment, are available round the clock. An ambulance is always accompanied by a specialized nurse. A doctor also accompanies the ambulance if the medical condition of the patient so demands.


Alchemist Hospital has its own Pharmacy i.e. Alchemist Pharmacy. The pharmacy is located on the ground floor of the hospital and can be utilized to obtain prescribed drugs and over-the-counter medications. The service is available 24X7

Food Services

There is a strong relationship between diet and health. Good nutrition is a cornerstone of good health and important part of your recovery. Our dietitian takes inputs from the patient and checks medical records and genetic patterns of the patient and then suggests the modifications in diet. The food is prepared in hygienic conditions and is checked for quality, taste, quantity and presentation before taking it to the patient.


Our Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) is one of the most sophisticated, technically advanced state of the art department, having 8XL-STERI VAC for ETO and STERIS-AMSCO Century for steam sterilization. CSSD has demarcated separate zones i.e. Dirty zone, Clean Zone, EO Zone, Sterile Zone and Distribution Zone. The department is functional 24hours for routine & emergency surgeries.